1. The number one feature of the Auger Easer is ITS EASE OF OPERATION!

  2. It mounts in any solid 2" receiver hitch, WITHOUT ANY OTHER SUPPORTS.

  3. It has a tightener to eliminate the slack in normal receiver hitches.

  4. It has adjustments to allow for taller vehicles.

  5. The crank can be used to apply down pressure (like a drill press), if you have hard soil, a dull auger, etc.

  6. It has ratchet, with a positive safety latch.  The "OFF" position allows up and down movement.  The "ON" position holds your auger up (for traveling, starting your auger, etc.).

  7. It has a crank for raising and lowering your auger (DON'T PULL YOUR AUGER OUT OF THE HOLE, JUST CRANK IT UP!).

  8. Your auger is fastened with 2 hand tightened clamps, which enables the auger to be easily removed.

  9. It has a 4-way tilt receiver hitch for drilling on uneven ground, or a straight receiver hitch for ice drilling.  The 4-way hitch can be used for both.

  10. It has a travel safety pin, which can also be used as a depth gauge.  Example: to stop the auger at a 12" deep hole or at 12" of ice.

  11. It has 46" of travel and will drill a 36" deep hole (10" clearance for travel).

  12. The Auger Easer makes it easy to:

  1. Start your auger.
  2. Fill your auger with gas.
  3. Adjust your carburetor.